Top Ten Benefits to Buying Online

Posted by Bridgett Jordan on Nov 18th 2019

Top Ten Benefits to Buying Online

To shop in-store or online? That is the question. What benefit will I get if I decide to shop online. What purpose am I fulfilling?

There are many benefits to online shopping, but just in case you haven’t really thought about them, here are a few that you might want to consider.


This is the number one reason why we all decide to shop online. Ask yourself, what will you be able to do with extra time if you had it? What would you do if you could save on traffic time, standing in line, and finding the best parking space? The convenience of online shopping is all so nice. Why get out when you can conveniently shop from the comfort of your own home. (I could really use that extra nap.)


Yes we can save money on gas! Do you stay in the country part of your nearest city? Is the most popular shopping center over 20 to 50 miles away? Saving on gas allows us to do some of the little things. Maybe we want to go replenish our cleaning supplies. (Just a thought)


Could you be spending more money because of the retailer’s overhead expenses? YES YOU DEFINITELY ARE! Lack of money spent on overhead means better prices for you. Overhead expenses can be overwhelming for a business. Even if they wanted to offer you those all to true great prices, they simply can’t because they have to make sure they include operating expenses. The rent, the employees, the utilities, the clean-up! All of these things fall on what you pay for product, this makes your likelihood of spending up to 75% more of what you would you would spend online more likely.

4. No crowds

Is it me or do you get a little hungry and angry when you shop? It's a given, when you shop you automatically get HANGRY. Maybe it’s because you went a little over budget, you have screaming kids (oops! LOVING KIDS) who want everything under the sun? Who knows, it just happens. Not to mention a lot of other people are hangry too. You might find yourself wondering why are all these food places surrounding you? It’s like an endless maze of food options. Not to mention the wonderful holidays filled with shoppers who have waited to the last minute and everything is out of stock. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!

5. Pajama Shop

Yes pajama shopping can be so nice and oh so popular! Ever just want to lounge in your pajamas all day, but you have that big day coming that you know you need to make sure you get the perfect outfit for? Well online shopping allows you to shop while you lounge around on the couch, bed, desk, or even some lingerie. Relax and shop with ease.

6. Easy Returns

Why stand in those long lines to try to return something that just does not work. Why not just contact the company, get a return shipping label and just ship it back? In some cases the return shipping label is already included which makes it so much satisfying.

7. Read Reviews before you buy

Sometimes you may want to know if the product that you are buying is going to last. What is it like after that first wash? Welcome to the world of reviews! If you want to know more about a product, you can just read some of the reviews by customers that have bought the product. Get a honest rating and review on the product. This will help you know whether or not the company is real and you are not just wasting your money.

8. Customer Service

Have you ever went inside a store with a great attitude only to be left wondering, “Did I say something wrong, was I nice enough, did I do everything possible to try to find the item myself before I ask the sales associate?” Shopping should be informational, easy, and fun. And it’s sad to say that sometimes we just don’t get the shopping experience we deserve from in- store. Online companies are eager to gain your business, plus they have reps available that are trained to focus on what you want.

9. Ooh! No one has this, Better Varieties Online

Just because so much money is saved in overhead expenses, you are able to get a better variety and more options to choose from. You have a wide variety of styles right there at your fingertips.

10. Hold up! Before you buy COMPARE THOSE PRICES!

Often times when we are at the store, we sometimes get so tired of going from store to store, that we just pick something up. All of that is just so we can go. It leaves us wondering whether or not we ever really get what we are looking for? Online shopping allows you to compare prices to get the best price and the right styles. Compare prices to get more for your money too.