A Walk in Her Shoes: Maggie Lena Walker "A Business Woman with a Vision and a Purpose"

Posted by Bridgett Jordan- Poetic Curves on Jul 24th 2019

A Walk in Her Shoes: Maggie Lena Walker "A Business Woman with a Vision and a Purpose"

Maggie Lena Walker


"A Business Woman with a Vision and Purpose"

Maggie Lena Walker was an outstanding business woman. Her accomplishments to the Black Women made her one of the most inspirational women of her time. Just think about all the African American women today who are bankers today!

Maggie Lena Walker was born in Richmond, Virginia to Elizabeth Draper Mitchell, a house slave, her father, Eccles Cutbert, was Irish American descent. Walker was born in poverty, and like many African American women of her time, she was determined to succeed despite the racial tension surrounding her. Her mother felt strongly about education, this had a lasting effect on Mitchell. Mitchell began teaching at the age of 16.

Mitchell later began to work as a Secretary of Independence Order of St. Luke Society in Richomond where she helped the elderly pay for funeral and burial services. Soon after this, she became Secretary- Treasurer. This proved to be one her biggest roles yet, all set in stone for a promising vision.

Walker began to teach African American Women how to save and budget their money. To see that the progression of the Black Community was complete, she found an office building for $100,000, and established a bank and created jobs. Maggie Walker's achievements grew! She became the first African American Women to: direct a bank, found an insurance company, own a newspaper (which became known as the St. Luke Herald), found a home for delinquent girls.

Her willingness to help others succeed made her one of the most influential African American Women of her time. Walker helped paved the way for many African American Bankers. Seeing her dedication during those chaotic times helps motivate business women today to succeed. Most of all from Walker’s achievements, we learn that we can succeed by helping others reach their goals as well.

Thank you Ms. Walker for your contributions to our society!