A New Unit?! Now What?

Posted by Poetic Curves on Feb 9th 2021

A New Unit?! Now What?


You may have bought hair to give you an extra pop, to coordinate with your outfit, to become a new you or enhance the already beautiful you! Whatever you decided to buy the hair for, it has now become part of something great....YOU. So if you've made an investment why not try to figure out everything that can keep your unit/bundles looking gorgeous and healthy while prolonging your investment! After all the longevity depends totally on you. We can sell you our best hair, but if you don't take care of know the rest. 

 How to Wash My Unit/Bundles  

1. PREP YOUR UNIT/BUNDLES: Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to gently loosen any tangles. Please start from the bottom of the wig and work your way up to the base of the wig.

2. If you have Kinky Curly Hair, co-wash the hair with a conditioner. Rinse the hair before shampoo.

3. Fill water in a bowl. Add shampoo to the water bowl. Drop your hair in the water, gently cleansing the hair. (still holding on the base of the hair, pull up and drop back down into the water) Repeat the process. Do not vigorously wash the hair!

4. Using the faucet, rinse the remaining shampoo out of hair with cool water from the base down to the bottom of the hair. The water will run clear, when shampoo is gone.

5. Towel pat the hair, it is okay to leave the hair damp.

6. Condition the hair with organic conditioner, gently comb strands with a wide tooth comb. Let conditioner sit for 5 minutes or follow instructions on the bottle).

7. Rinse out with cold water from the top of the unit/bundles down to the ends of the strands. Rinse out all the conditioner, the water will rinse clear when gone.

8. Apply oil like, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, or Argan Oil (oil that is not heavy) and let air dry.

How to Prolong Lifespan of Hair

To prevent tangles, keep it on a wig stand when you are not wearing it.

If you are wearing it everyday, tie the hair up at night with a bonnet.

Avoid hot water, saltwater, and chlorine water.

Do not use excessive heat such as curlers, flat irons, blow dryers.

Use only organic and sulfate free shampoo

Only wash in cool to warm water, do not use excessively hot water

Be as gentle as possible and treat the hair as your own!


Saturate the base of your lace with conditioner, it will loosen the knots and cause hairs to fall off.

Under condition hair, it will become dry, brittle, and break off.

Comb tangled hair from the root when its wet or dry.

Vigorously wash the hair.

Use rubber bands or tight hair ties.

Blow dry your hair or use excessive heat such as curlers or flat irons.

Do not twist or ring out hair after washing or rinsing.

Use harsh hair products with alcohols.

Do not use hair spray on the hair

Comb when wet