Did you Know? Juneteenth Facts!

Posted by Poetic Curves on Jun 8th 2022

Did you Know? Juneteenth Facts!

Why do we Celebrate Juneteenth? What is it all about? This is why we celebrate!

New Facts posted everyday!

Fact 1:June 19,1865, in Galveston Texas, our ancestors were informed of the abolishment of slavery over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Fact 2: Strawberry soda is a common drink to celebrate Juneteenth? Red drinks and food are used to symbolize the blood that was shed by slaves.

Fact 3: Did you know there is a Juneteenth Flag of Freedom? Each year in Galveston Texas, there is a Juneteenth Flag raising ceremony.

Fact 4: There are other names for Juneteenth. 

Juneteenth National Independence Day

Jubilee Day 

Black Independence Day 

Second Independence Day

Freedom Day 

Emancipation Day 

Juneteenth Independence Day

Fact 5: In addition to Juneteenth, June is also about celebrating the contributions that African-Americans have made to Music! Relax and Enjoy some of our greatest artists locally and nationally.

Fact 6:You ever heard of the Juneteenth Black Rodeo? Many of the previous enslaved became cowboys and worked on ranches. The Juneteenth Black Rodeo has been held in honor of our Black Cowboys in a different city since the early 1990s