Hair Store Tales

Posted by Bridgett Jordan on Mar 20th 2020

Hair Store Tales

We’re all staying vigilante during this time. So here are a few short from various types of women to inspire and entertain.

A Time to Think

Which product…ummmm…so many options…so undecided.”

One promises to grow my hair, the other promises to keep my hair from being damaged. With my type of hair, I can’t just get anything. I’m so undecided! “Oh where did he come from?” He looked at me with a simple smile and started moving things around on a shelf. “Okay, Awkward,” I thought to myself. Maybe I should ask for some help. I mean they should know, right? So I proceeded to the front and asked for a product that I had heard of, maybe that will lead me in the right direction. As I approached, a man murmured something and then looked at me. “Oh hi,” said, “I wanted to know if you could help me?” He didn’t know what I was talking about so I found it on my phone for him. “We out,” he said as if he did not have the time of day. Then the lady standing next to him, went behind the locked glass and pulls out the bottle, the exact same product he said he was out of. And without even putting it into my hand to examine, he says “21.99”. Then he proceeds to ring it up. Just as I was about to pay, for a split second in time, I thought to myself, “How happy would I be, if I bought this.” I imagined myself heading to my car, and then it hit me, I’m not happy. There was no, “Thank you’s, Have a Nice Day, Can I help you…all the stuff that would have made excellent customer service”, none of that.

“Hold Up Now!”

“I have a PHD, I’m an outstanding citizen, I dress for success every day. Even on a bad hair day, I comb my hair in a style. Why did I deserve being treated so rudely...And if I’m being honest with myself, so Damn uncomfortable. On every isle there was someone was someone looking but not greeting. They saw me struggling to find a product, yet no one came to help or even asked.”

I quickly snapped back into reality…… “MAM ARE YOU GONE BUY?”

I slid my card back into my wallet and said “No thank-you, I’ll take my business elsewhere,” and the perkiest voice ever, “HAVE A NICE DAY!!!”

A Quick Dose of Reality

“Click, Click, Click,” the camera seemed to be so unforgiving as I took my college pic. “Can we please do one more?” I said, even though I knew that eventually this man would get tired of me. It just seemed like every angle that I tried, it showed the very thing that I was trying to hide. Even with just one more snap, the camera just wasn’t having it!

“He said he was sorry, but my face told a different story.”

I looked in the mirror one more time, before I headed out. The first time out of many that told me that my face had no intentions on changing any time soon. Tears ran down my face as I sat in the car only to remind me that the scar was still there physically and mentally as I tried to wipe them away. Nothing on earth could make me feel better, but I made an attempt with a little hair therapy. The only hair therapy I could think of was visiting my favorite hair store. A little place owned by a black woman business owner named Cherry.

Cherry was exactly the type of woman a wanted to be.

She exemplified what a true strong black women could actually be with perseverance.”

As I pulled into the parking lot, I dabbed a little makeup on my eye to hide any traces of pain that I felt, hopefully they would not physically show. “Hey Cherry!” I said trying to sound not broken.

“Hey girl, how ya doing today?” Cherry said with a wink. “I got some new hair in today, and I knew you gone look fabulous.”

One thing I knew about Cherry was, she was quite the business owner. She knew how to pull me in. After examining the hair, she rang me up and put a few samples in my bag.

I still tried to hold my head down, but we ended up looking at the same time.

“An unspoken word.”

For a moment, I knew I had made a fool out of myself. I felt embarrassed, but without judging me, Cherry handed me the bag, a business card, and said,

“Hey Tish, if you ever in the area, me and my second husband own this

one too.”


A Piece of My Own Pie

“$45,000? What the hell? That doesn’t even begin to cover the other expenses!”

The closest I can come to is only $5,000. My heart sank into the floor as I was finally realizing my dreams of owning my own beauty supply store was not happening. It would take me like 9 tax seasons to even reach what I needed.

“Maybe one day.”

Getting my Feet wet?

I decided I needed to post my first product online. I found a vendor and posted my first hair extensions on Ebay. I looked and looked for 10 days and no sale. I ended up reposting it. The only thing that I found was, posting my product, gave me a chance to watch my dreams go down the toilet. In the meantime, I guess busting tables and working a second shift will have to do.


Are you kidding me? My first sale on the second day this time?

That was just the spark I needed to start a flame.

I decided I better try out a dropshipping plan with that vendor. By the end of the second year, I was able to pay the vendor enough to put my own personal brand on my packages.

“I never did own my own beauty store, but…

I own my own hair line. I still dream of it, but you know what, I’m very happy with owning my own piece of the pie in a different direction.


Is This Cheap Hair?

Before I spend hundreds of dollars on some hair, it better be worth it. I looked at the man holding up two different types of hair.

“Go ahead, touch it,” he said.

I couldn’t tell if either was worth it. Then he showed me some more hair and said, “This is the best hair, I will cut deal. This best hair only $450. Lots and lots of people buy.”

“Aight,” I said to myself, “It’s tax time and I’m feeling rich.”

So yep, I bought the hair. I installed it myself because, I just really spent too much anyways! Don’t you know I wore the hair for 1 week and not even before 2 weeks, the hair had shedded, matted, and grew a whole new track. The wefts were threw.

“Lesson learned. Never again!”

Your Neck Too Thick!

At the beginning of the Lace WIG Era, I set out to find my own (without giving out too much of my age). I was so new to wearing wigs, there was no YOUTUBE videos to give you hints or an idea. So I went to the only hair store I knew. I walked in and there wasn’t even a black employee present….ANYWHERE! So I was trying to stay optimistic. You know what, they owned this hair store for a while, they got to know what they doing. So they had quite a few options of synthetic wigs, mind you, at the time, they were like $69 and up. I picked out two. One was short and the other one was long. Neither of the wigs looked good and I doubt I was even putting them on right. I asked the lady at the counter who was assisting me with the wig how it looked and she said,


What is “Meh?” Must be a code word for no. Then an older lady came up to me, after she had seen me try on some more wigs and said “Your neck too thick,” with a disgusted look on her face.

“You need walk for an hour a day.”

I looked up at her skinny body with a big head and said, “Maybe you need to gain some, Mam!”